Karen / 1992 / Hong Kong

Born in the 852, moved to UK for a little over two years then to Singapore for five years. Finished high school and settled back in Hong Kong in June 2011. Been trying to find my way around since. I have my fingers in many pies; writing, photography, art, music. But fashion is something that I've always found, intriguing. 

Hello + Abella = Helloabella

Who is abella? Did I spell Bella wrong? Nope, she's actually my alter ego. She's confident, she's loud and she's not afraid of what people thinks of her. This is the identity I've created for my blog and it is a place for me to voice my opinions, say I like and don't like without having to think too much of it. But Mostly to give me a reason to camwhore or even dress like a human being in the mornings... (Sorry not sorry!)

Join me on my journey of discovery through the world of fashion and a whirlwind of never ending clothes and shoes with earrings to match. :)


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