Thursday, July 24, 2014

CC Cream for your hair: Vidal Sassoon Zero Gravity Salon

Hey guys! I'm back with another fun fun product to share with you guys... which is a CC Cream for your hair! I mean, you've heard of BB cream and I'm pretty sure you've heard of CC cream too, but most of the time (if not all), they fall into the beauty category. Obviously, it's not just your beautiful face that needs maintaining, but your gorgeous maine too, that's when Vidal Sassoon's CC Styling Cream comes into play. *cues happy hair shot*

I was super happy to have been invited to be one of the first people to try out styling with the brand new CC cream! They've got a mobile truck converted into a hair salon, armed with a professional hair stylist and a really cool upside-down salon set-up ready to show everyone what the styling cream can do. The truck moves all around town, and I got on it at Shatin right outside the MTR station!

My hair was up in a messy bun, and I felt so apologetic because it was grassy, dry, and full of tangles and curls. But the hairstylist and I had a really good chat about bleaching, crazy hairstyles and hair treatments while he happily worked on my hair, and before I knew it, I had amazing, cover-ready hair in a matter of minutes!

Basically, the CC cream is a super light weight and matte textured gel which you use on moist/wet hair after you come out of the shower and before you blow dry. Even with super frizzy hair like mine, all you need is a paddle brush or round brush and you're set. You can even apply it to your roots and it won't weigh your hair down. (I was seriously impressed! Look at me listening attentively)

Thank you so much VS Salon and Viss for inviting me and letting me experience such a pampered time on the styling truck! Seriously you guys, you have to try this CC cream out. It doubles as the leave-in oil treatment for your hair too, so you could count this as two products in one.

Let me know your thoughts if and when you try it!

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