Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TORQBody at Torq Cycle (Week 2)

Hey guys! I'm back with more information about working out with Torq Cycle Hong Kong. This time as promised, it'll be a more class-oriented post, so you know what to expect when you jump on board! Let's TORQBody guys, read on.

TORQBody is one of the many classes offered at Torq, and is one of the most classic of the spinning classes of sort. Indoor spinning to some may just be riding on a bike indoors, but in reality it has developed into so much more. So if you're one to think that spin classes won't be able to work your upper body, or it's just something that'll help you grow your leg muscles, then boy you need some major update!

Each class at TORQ offers to work your entire body and all your muscle groups, so that when you're done you're not just panting, but also sore all over. (The good kind of sore!) For TORQBody, it's a complete workout within 50 minutes, and you'll be on your bike the whole time. It's like cardio combined with free weights all at one go, and it's great for anyone who can't stay still or hates doing the same ol' routine at the gym.

For me personally, I've done two TORQBody classes so far, with two different instructors, Ken and Loretta. You would expect the same class to be the same jam, but actually the routines and workouts can be very different depending on which instructor you have! All instructors at TORQ are mega qualified, with years of teaching experience and a personal passion for fitness of all kinds. 

Ken's class was my first ever TORQ class, and he did a super good job giving me a great impression of the class. He interacted and paid attention to all the students, and gave great guidance to all of us to help us push ourselves further. It's definitely hardcore with Ken, but you're also guaranteed to feel good after it. Loretta's class are very interval and intensity focused, so you'll find yourself pushing yourself really hard really often. But with all the encouragements and team talk, I definitely didn't feel left behind even though I'm always at the bottom of the charts! Instead, I felt more motivated to push myself further, and to my goal for each class (like riding to a certain power, speed or reach a certain amount of energy generated). 

Overall, TORQBody would be great for spinning beginners, as you'll get a good taste of what spinning is really like. You'll start with riding at varying resistance/speed (like intervals, or increasing hills/pyramids), with a weight track in the middle where you can let your upper body take over with some free weights lifting while your legs keep riding. Of course you'll finish with some more cycling tracks before you ride off into the showers. 

Week 2 summary then. I'm still getting used to catching up in class and continuously pushing myself hard, but I know that when it's easy, it won't be much good! I'm definitely going to keep setting more goals for myself to reach both in class and outside, and hope to keep seeing myself improve! (available in scary numbers now, so not just twirling around in front of the mirror)

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