Monday, July 14, 2014

Bossini x Disney Art Jamming

Hey guys! Don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of Disney and everything they do. I absolutely adore their classic fairy tales with beautiful princesses, could recite every other line from their hilarious animated flicks, and would fangirl over all their cute accessories whether it's from Disneyland or Japan. Seriously! So when I learnt about Bossini and their Disney Collection, I had to get in on the action... with some hands-on painting!

A bunch of bloggers including moms with kiddies on tow and fashionistas alike were invited to Platform Art Jamming Studio for a session of painting and smudging around two weeks ago, and we were all super excited to not just wear, but paint our favourite characters onto canvas drawstring bags and totes. 

Lucky for me, we weren't completely left in the dark with empty canvas, but instead, they nicely helped us sketch out our selected colours onto the bag, and we just had to do the colouring. (much harder said than done already in any case!)

Here was my initial result! After about an hour of painting, the staff there helped me with getting the painting/bag dry, and ready for my cheat... which was outlining Bambi with a marker!

Here's my final result. Your usual Bambi has gone from tame brown to shades of metallic orange, gold and surrounded in classic helloabella style roses with silver touches. What do you think? I personally think I did not bad, but then again all cooks and artists alike would be biased toward their children.

After some final group shots with matching tees to boot, we were happily on our way home after a fun and creative (sometimes even messy) afternoon out! Want my beautiful Bambi? You can get something similar in T-shirt form, plus all other Disney beauties and your fave character at Bossini stores now!

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  1. you are really talented! nice piece!

    1. Thank you so much!! It's all with the help of the studio of course.



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